A digital concierge app that encompasses a one-stop-shop for modern travellers. From the moment the trip is booked, Travelle allows its users to browse, select and pay for activities that are located nearby. It even shows reviews from other travellers, personalizes the experience based on the users preferences and much more.

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The Task

Modern travellers have high expectations when it comes to booking trips using technology. The task was to identify the cause of the inconvenience and develop a solution that will guarantee a more intuitive approach to improve the flow of the transactional experience.

Using the data from interviews and surveys, I created an affinity diagram to get a visual representation of the preferences, habits, goals and struggles of the users. Ultimately, most of the results were gathered around the fact that travellers needed to save time and money, spend time with friends/family, engage in outdoor activities, enjoy a nice weather and escape from their normal routine. Here on the empathy map, we can conclude that our users rely heavily on reviews and feedback from their peers, spend minimal amount of time researching a destination and value travel experience over hotel amenities.

Our app was designed to achieve quick all-encompassing travel bookings for modern travellers who want to plan an entire trip through one platform. We have observed that our product has not been frequently used for activity bookings, which is causing our users to purchase their activities elsewhere which in turn causes a decrease in revenue for our company. How might we improve the activity booking feature so that our customers are successful in getting all the information they need, booking their activities on the same platform and taking advantage of the extensive list of activities that we offer?

Our travel app acts as an assistant to help modern travellers plan their entire trip and create easy itineraries on the go.
We’re better because we offer all-inclusive information on one screen.
We’re believable because the activities we offer have reviews and ratings from real travellers.

During the qualitative research, we discovered that our users want to spend minimal amount of time researching a destination.Therefore, we believe that users want to see all of the options available on one screen and that we might be able to help if we add another category of listings for various local events and activities.

In conclusion, we created a mobile app that not only allowed our users to book activity directly from their app, but also listed detailed description of a specific activity as well as reviews from other users. Travelle tailors and suggests activities based on the users' preferences and needs.