Inflexible Yogi


A virtual yoga studio that allows users to practise yoga from anywhere in the world. Video-rich Library as well as the ability to register for live classes helps users select classes based on their schedule and lifestyle.

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I was a part of a team of designers to solve a problem for small businesses that were affected by Covid-19. We decided to collaborate with a yoga studio and strategically pivot their service to take it digital and align the web experience. Due to government regulations and restrictions, we defined a new way forward that allows clients to practise yoga on their own terms.

As a starting point, we distributed a survey to nearly 50 respondents to define what the new Inflexible Yogi Studio is—and is not—to its active customer base and how to provide the most value to retain.

Of everything we learned, the loudest feedback amongst existing customers was the desire for flexibility. This required us to consider the idea of offering different class delivery methods and how it plays into the next iteration of the company.

It was essential to allow users to maintain control of how they wanted to use Inflexible Yogi services. Instead of introducing all video library content, we introduced the concept of filtering down the options based on the user's level, time of the day, duration of practise and even specific instructor preference.

The new Inflexible Yogi merged relationships with technology, becoming part personal instructor and part habit developer; delivering weekly videos and live events curated to their needs, lifestyle and schedule.

We wanted the overall look feel of the website to be inviting, invigorating and easy to navigate through. Hence we cam up with the Style Guide to keep the look and feel consistent throughout the website.

The New Digital Yoga Studio experience intends to understand each new user preference about the the duration of practise, level of difficulty, and the purpose of each practise. These insights impact the relativeness of the information and personalization of each client, allowing for a user's profile to change and grow with users' skills as the subscription renews.